Optimization of industrial protein crystallization


The main task of this research project is the development and optimization of the conditions of the protein crystallization process. The products obtained can find application in different technological and analytical areas, such as protein purification, production of crystals with tailored optical properties, etc. The project can be divided into the following activities:

  • Development of optimal conditions for crystallization process.
  • Determination of the influence of crystallization conditions on the size, shape and purity of crystals.
  • Study of the influence of seeding on the process kinetics and properties of the obtained product.
  • Modelling of the protein crystallization process.
  • Optimization of the obtained results for process scale-up.

The size and shape of the protein crystals are investigated by optical microscopy. On-line time-resolved measurements of protein concentration, performed by photospectroscopy, will give us the possibility to understand and control crystallization kinetics. We will also use well known assays to confirm the preservation of biological activity of the final products.

Fig. 1: Lysozyme crystalls.

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